Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gateway II - Oct. 7

Went to Stooofies again. Some good poses but really tried to implement environments. Never knew how off my proportions were until I placed a chair or table in there. -_- Plus, I need a new pen. It's kinda inky and since I draw hard it tends to smear.


  1. The person standing with their hand on their hip has a good feeling of weight-the line of action is really effective. The guy on the chair has a funny angle on his butt that might be more effective if he has a flat line in there to show the pressure of his weight on the chair. There is a lot of drawing through that helps the characters construction.

  2. Yours look very sketchy and some are simplified. There is a lot of attention given to the contours of the figure. Sometimes using the pen can be such a problem because the ink dries out and makes it that much harder to put something on the paper.